Extended Warranties


Information about extended warranty and technical support

Grupo Kaizen Costa Rica guarantees customers the quality of the products purchased in our store, which will not present defects in materials, workmanship and/or design that affect the normal and proper use of the product for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.
Products for which a proper claim of failure is made will be repaired or replaced based on the unanimous decision of our association. In case the damaged parts cannot be repaired, they will be replaced with original new parts.

In the same way, we will provide our clients with the respective maintenance of the product obtained, by the hand of our most trained professionals, as long as it is previously consulted and scheduled in one of our communication channels, this service will be free of cost.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty will not apply to defects that are the result of the following considerations:

  1. The natural wear and tear of the product due to time.
  2. Improper handling or inappropriate use of the product for other purposes that are not in accordance with the instruction manual.
  3. Third party products such as installation of non-factory bundled software.
  4. Tampering with the hardware or software of any provided equipment.
  5. Causes not attributable to manufacturing and/or material defects.
  6. Detection of replacement of parts, repair or attempted repair of the product by third parties, referring to a natural person or a company external to Grupo Kaizen Costa Rica.
  7. Defects due to lack of maintenance and/or service of the product, clarifying that Grupo Kaizen Costa Rica provides such maintenance, as long as the client frequently maintains the maintenance service of Grupo Kaizen Costa Rica, both at the hardware and software level.
  8. Accidents or lack of care in the use of the product.
  9. Presence of sand, earth, liquid substances, burns or any other foreign element inside the product.
  10. Overloads or voltage drops in the electrical network and or connection of the Product to networks that are not of the corresponding voltage in accordance with the instruction manual.
  11. Rotura o quebradura de LED o pantalla.
  12. Force majeure or fortuitous event in general, any event that is beyond the possibility of Grupo Kaizen Costa Rica, including: damages caused by floods, earthquakes, fires, electrical storms, blows, and/or incorrect transportation of the client.
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