Guarantee Policies

Guarantee Policies Grupo Kaizen de Costa Rica SA

Grupo Kaizen de Costa Rica SA guarantees the normal operation of the product that is identified in the sales invoice, for a term of twelve months from the date of sale to the customer through the online store, under the following conditions:

1 - Repairs, during the term indicated above, will be computed from the date of the sales invoice to the customer, at no charge to the customer, as long as the fault detected had occurred due to a manufacturing defect or defect within normal use. and current of the good in question. Normal and current use is understood as that carried out in accordance with the specifications contained in the user manual that is delivered together with this one.

2- The Warranty will not cover damage suffered by mishandling of the product by the customer or by a third party such as: Spillage of liquids, scratches, physical damage to its structure, with violated warranty seals, alterations or improper maintenance of the product.

3 - In the event that, for the aforementioned purposes, the product must be attended to under factory warranty, the repairs will be made in the workshop or laboratory of Grupo Kaizen de Costa Rica SA, or by the authorized distributor and its authorized technical personnel. .

4 - Grupo Kaizen de Costa Rica assures its clients an adequate service and the supply of parts and spare parts corresponding to the products that it manufactures, markets, imports or distributes, during the validity of the warranty period.

5 - For this guarantee to operate, the customer must use, operate and treat the product sold in accordance with the instructions for its use, which appear in the user manual that he receives together with this certificate.

6 - This guarantee will have no value, in the event that the installation, maintenance or repair of the product covered by the guarantee is carried out by persons or companies other than Grupo Kaizen de Costa Rica SA or the intervening distributor.

7 - Maintenance, cleaning, replacement work carried out on the product as part of its normal use or natural wear, as appropriate, are not covered by the terms of this guarantee.

8 - The customer must present a personal identification or the sales invoice that individualizes the product, to validate the guarantee.

9- If the product were to present any damage or blow through the courier that Kaizen group provides, the purchased product will be replaced with one of the same kind and value.

10 - During the warranty period, the customer has the right: To free repair of the property; to the refund of the price paid; to the exchange of the good for another of the same kind and similar characteristics, and whose guarantee period is renewed for the period initially granted at the time of replacement and delivery.

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